Everything started in year 1991, when TEAM p.l.c., the company for construction and technical services, have been established as a mixed capital company, in the city of Čakovec in Međimurje County, situated in the northern part of the Republic of Croatia, near the border with Slovenia and Hungary. The company was established by a small group of owners, with a rich experience in construction. At the beginning, the society has mostly been doing elaborates for estimating values of companies in the process of privatization and conversion. After that, the society entered the construction market in order to develop and implement construction activities. The company leaders have estimated that this market orientation provides the company the widest development strategy, considering the market needs, due to a big amount of quality constructions in Međimurje County, as well as the experience and tradition that have been gained over the years in this field. In favor of such a business orientation, a close connection had been established with a new company from Ljubljana in the Republic of Slovenia, named ENERGOPLAN.


Comparatively with the appearance on the domestic construction market (the first contract was signed in Pula for the reconstruction of Sindicop discount), due to the vanishing of investment activities in Croatia that was caused by war, we have redirected our interests in cooperation with our Slovenian partner towards foreign construction markets – Russia, Ukraine and Slovenia. Already, in the initial years of TEAM p.l.c., we have employed hundreds of workers in the domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, TEAM p.l.c. had developed to an SME company, in a short period of time. This development have been followed by various efforts such as the effective organizational structure of the company, which is capable of implementing contracted jobs, as well as the adjustment to the dynamics and needs of the construction market. Our main guide was – business vision and strategy – affirmation of the recognizable construction tradition of Medimurje – respecting the contract deadlines, even when they are very short – well done work and competitive prices. Based on this foundation, in the first years of our existance, TEAM p.l.c. had developed to a good organized construction company, with about 120 professional and mobile employees. Also, few daughter companies, owned by TEAM p.l.c., have been established, and they contributed a lot to the basic operative and financial stability of the company.


Beside the significant implemented construction works in Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia and Germany, significant works have been contracted and implemented on the domestic market as well. Beside Međimurje, where only one quarter of TEAMs' capacity have been used, the company expanded its presence to Zagreb, which is recently representing a location with the most dynamic investment activity in Croatia, as well as Istria – the traditional destination of Međimurje's constructors.


With such a market position the continuity of production activities during winter time have been ensured and that contributed significantly to the companys' economics and stability on the market, especially in the area of Zagreb and Istria – the leading Croatian touristic county.


The stability in using our own construction operative had insured us gooinvestment activities throughout the years, like building commercial and housing facilities for the market needs as well as for our own development needs. From one side, this business orientation is enabled by the strength of our own financial potentials, and from the other side it recurrently contributes to the further expansion of the companys' economy and profitably.


The fast and far-reaching changes of business conditions – to which Croatia have been exposed when the war ended, and the basic changes in the financial regulations – have caused a new faze in the organizational adjustment of the company. Within TEAM p.l.c. in Mursko Središće, new manufacturing facilities have been established – PVC and ALU joinery production section , armature production section, metal locksmith production section as well as the interior section that provides services such as performance of suspended ceilings and partition walls made of gypsum cardboard plates. The manufacturing facilities are basically structured as a unit which follows the business of the construction part of the company and covers the company needs for these products, for projects that are getting implemented throughout Croatia.


TEAM p.l.c. has entered the new century as a mature company that is well structured technologically, organizationally and professionally, in order to implement and construct even the most complicated facilities, with a clear position on the market, that was gained over the years through the responsible implementation of obligations towards investors as well as the capability of fast adjustment to the market dynamics. What contributes to the company's goal is, the introduction of quality systems (year 2002) according to ISO 9001:2000 standard, as well as its conformation in year 2005, 2008 and 2011. We did not stop here, but we also gained ISO 90001:2008 certificate in September 2010, due to the constant development of our business processes. This internationally recognized systems assure us a high quality of building services. They also assure us the argument – why is TEAM p.l.c. the most appropriate constructor.


During the development faze, the company had past a path from one employee to 300 employees, that it counts today, from which more than 10 % are highly qualified. TEAM p.l.c. had invested a lot in its employees, due to the fact that it is aware of the fact that human resources are the biggest fortune of the company. Therefore, the company staff is forming today a good, organized and quality team, that is ready for the most complicated construction projects. The company had during its 20 years of existence, constructed few hundreds of facilities of all kinds, like industrial, housing, business, commercial, infrastructural, sacral, cultural and sport facilities. They are all a recognizable witnesses of TEAMs' p.l.c. construction quality.


The tradition, quality, construction references and flexibility, are the main arguments for gaining new jobs in Croatia and abroad (the main current goal of TEAM p.l.c. management). In fact, due to the global market crises, the scope of construction businesses in Croatia has been decreased drastically, and for this reason TEAM p.l.c. is directing its knowledge and capacities to the foreign market again, in cooperation with its partners.


We have been active on the market with our clear goal and vision for over 20 years. We act fairly and implement our duties, jobs and constructions in line with the benefits of all interested parties. Therefore, due to our 20 years of existence, we are proud to hold the slogan – CONSTRUCTUR WITH TRADITION!

TEAM p.l.c.