T - radition

E - fficiency

A - mbition

M - edimurje

­ The backbone of the TEAM p.l.c. Business System are our employees. We have recognized the importance of human resources, which contribute to the whole success and efficient professional activity, both inside the system itself and in communication with other systems.­
Human resources of the TEAM p.l.c. Business system consist of employees from professions of construction, mechanical engineering, economy, law, vocational and manufacturing professions, and we hire people with and without work experience. Our goal is to get high-quality, responsible, creative and communicative employees who will develop their own abilities and perfect their competences, knowledge and skills through a partner-like relationship and cooperation, in order to strengthen personal potentials, and thus strengthen productive potentials of the whole system.

Within TEAM p.l.c. Business System, we encourage team work, creativity, dynamism and continued professional development. We nurture responsible and professional work performance to the satisfaction of our clients, as well as a partner-like relationship with the suppliers, sub-contractors and buyers, aiming to offer outstanding service.

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